Beth is the owner of Whisk + Measure. Her background in math inspired her love for baking. When she's not crunching numbers, you can find her enjoying nature.. Beth's love for the Paleo diet helped inspire the accessibility of specialty baked goods in the community!



Sonia is the bakery manager of Whisk + Measure.  She loves baking new recipes and the creative freedom of decorating. Her favorite treats to enjoy are our seasonal Lemon Bars as well as our Almond Cake With Raspberry Filling. In her free time she loves reading and playing board games.



Amy is the front of house manager at Whisk + Measure. When she's not sneaking all the chocolate cake top scraps.- her favorite treat - she enjoys her own amateur pie baking at home and cooking from scratch. Besides surrounding herself with food, she enjoys live music, petting dogs, and working out.



Anneliese is one of our rock-star part-time baristas. You can find her making coffee and serving pastries at lightning speed. Her favorite W+M baked good is our Paleo Cinnamon Coffeecake. At home you can find her making GF goods, enjoying vintage shopping, and saving the environment.



Sarah is one of our amazing weekend baristas. We'll tell you more about her soon!



Susan is one of our fabulous part-time baristas. She slings coffee and serves up pastries with a smile. Her favorite W+M treat is the Apple Pie Bar. At home she loves making Lemon Lavender Cookies, trying Great British Baking show challenges, travelling, and hitting up Disney theme parks.



Melissa is one of our wonderful part-time bakers and decorators. Hands-down, her favorite W+M treat has to be the Buckeyes. When she's not baking her favorite cakes at the bakery, she loves baking bread at home, going to the gym, and spending as much time as humanly possible with her dog.



Jamie is one of our fantastic part-time bakers and decorators. She raves about our Vegan Apple Pie Bars and our made-from-scratch Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Outside of work, Jamie loves baking crumble-top-apple-pie, going for nature walks, drawing & painting, and fostering kittens!

This could be you!


You never know when we may need another set of hands at the bakery. If interested, please email your resume to